Membership is open to anyone aged 18 or over regardless of race, creed, gender, ability, political belief or religion.

Membership is focussed on the community of Newchurch Village and surrounding areas but is extended to include anyone who supports the aims of the group.

Fees are to be charged members at two rates:

  • £5 per year for Full Membership (giving members the opportunity to vote at meetings)
  • £1 per year for Associate Members (does not entitle a vote at meetings).
  • These subscription rates will be reviewed annually at the AGM for the following subscription year (year to 31 December)
  • Fees are due on the 1 January each year.
  • The first year’s subscription will be from joining to the 31 December 2012.

Membership will end:

  • If members have not paid their fees within 3 months of fees becoming due
  • If members act in a way that goes against the aims of the group or brings the group into disrepute.
  • Removal of Membership must be made by the committee in a formal committee meeting with a specific item on the agenda concerning membership removal.
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